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Starting to feel quite real now….

So it’s all starting to dawn on me now. Thankfully I’m one of those people that absolutely embraces change, but I don’t tend to think about the implications until much further down the line (if ever!). That’s kind of a good thing for making stuff happen in life, but it does mean that things catch up with me later, usually when I’m least expecting them.

This whole moving to the Middle East business is a bit different….just in the past couple of days I have started to dwell on things a bit more, even though we’re still weeks away from the Big Move.

The biggest thing I’m dwelling on is my husband going away, in about 6 or 7 weeks. I’m quite shocked at how pathetic I am being about this, because I’ve always been fiercely independent and lived on my own a lot before I met him. But now the realities of the endless dark evenings and weekends alone are starting to hit home. I am really going to miss him!

We have a really good relationship, and a good giggle together and I am going to miss coming home from work and having someone to talk to, to shout at the telly with, to cuddle up with under the blanket and to go on long country walks with.

We live in an isolated spot at the end of quite a dark cul-de-sac and it’s the sort of house which feels quite vulnerable to break-ins, so I’m also worried about being here on my own at night.

I’m also worried about getting lonely – I don’t have many friends around this part of the UK, except work colleagues (and I’m having to distance myself from them a bit lately because of this Massive Secret I’m keeping!). I don’t mind him going away for a weekend every now and then, but this is going to be at least 6 in a row!

I’m not going to get bored – there’ll be plenty to sort out, but it might be a bit depressing being on my own all that time. I need to make lots of plans to see friends before I go, although I am going to have to make sure they come to me as I need to be packing and car-booting in between socialising!

I have a feeling he’s going to leave me with an awful lot of crap to sort through…tools, gadgets, DVDs, CDs, car parts, shoes, paperwork….gawd knows what I am supposed to be keeping and what to get rid of! The garage literally terrifies me.

My biggest fear? Putting the bins out on my own. I am only ever a feminist when it suits me, and this does not extend to cold, dark Thursday nights down the side of the house dealing with stinky crap. I don’t even know what our different bins are for…..


Not having much luck in removals quotations so far. The local firm quoted £5k for a 20ft container (having obviously taken no notice whatsoever of my original email to them) and when I replied and said we had been told that we only needed 578 cu ft, they failed to respond at all. Another independent company has also completely ignored my request for a quote which I filled in on their website.

So I am minded to go with Pickfords, who quoted us £3,500 (and didn’t seem to be willing to budge on this price). I know they get some pretty bad reviews on the internet, but I like the way they’re set up and they seem to have a Doha office, so at least there will be someone to go and shout at if I need to.

We’re not taking any of our upstairs furniture. It’s either IKEA crap which won’t survive another move, or the really nice quality pine furniture which we bought at auction and lovingly stripped back and painted in Farrow & Ball paint, which goes for a tidy sum on eBay.

So the only furniture we’re taking is the dining room table and chairs and matching dresser, and the IKEA sofas (plus all of our worldly goods of course). It totals up as 578 cu ft, apparently, which means we will end up with a 650 cu ft container giving us an extra 70 cu ft to play with if we need to – so we’ll probably get another 3-seater IKEA sofa to take with us before we go, as the rooms are pretty massive out there and the sofa shops seem to be a bit lacking. I am looking forward to shopping for a MASSIVE American style bed though 🙂

The big clear out.

This is possibly going to be the most stressful thing, if anything could ever stress me out, about the move. I’m going to have to go through everything and find a way of getting rid of the unwanted stuff – this could be easy, but I refuse to send anything to landfill and I am boycotting eBay (I can’t stand the way buyers can scam you so easily now, and I’ve also had my Paypal account hacked into in the past. eBay leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth these days).

Gawd knows what the alternative is to eBay. I’ve looked at the local auctions, but the commission is 15% and there are charges on top of that. I’ve also thought about ebid, but need to look into that a bit more. We’ve tried Gumtree but there’s not been any interest so far in what we’ve put up already (and it’s owned by bloody eBay!). There’s the local paper I suppose, but it seems like a lot of hassle. I do prefer the auction format, as I have no idea what a realistic value is for some of this stuff.

There are a couple of car boots held indoors around here over the winter, but I’m not sure January is going to be such a great time for selling stuff, whichever method we try!

Then there’s selling the car…that’s going to be a nightmare, because I need to keep it right up until my last day or so in the UK, and so the selling needs to be timed perfectly. I’m not even thinking about that right now.

I think I’m going to have to just focus on getting rid of stuff, and not worry too much about what I get for it (apart from the painted bedroom furniture which I think is worth a tidy sum – I just need to work out how to get the best price for that).

I’m just taking it all one day at a time at the moment, but I know I am going to start feeling the stress at some point soon!

Anyway, we’ve bought our Christmas tree today, and it’s not even December yet. We’re getting rid of the old artificial one, and have gone all out for a massive, real tree this year, and will be leaving it up for as long as possible. It’s our last proper UK Christmas, it’s snowing already and we’re going to make the most of every second of it 🙂