I’m 33 years old and married with no kids (yet!).

I started this blog on the day my husband received a formal job offer from a company in Qatar. So we’re moving out to Doha in early 2011, and this blog is intended to document the practicalities and emotional difficulties involved with such a big move.

I hope it will be a valuable resource to others considering the same move, and further down the line I intend to keep it up to date to provide practical advice about living in Qatar.


4 responses to “About

  1. HI1 Just found your blog through the DID site… enjoyed scolling through some of your posts as they remind me of my own experiences here in Doha! Great writing – I will be back. Natasha

  2. Loving your blog ! I am back home in Uk now after living out in Doha for 30 months and you brought it all back to me ! Right from the beginning and the move etc. It was very weird to see the container back on our doorstep, time stood still but the experiences and opportunities given to us are second to none. It certainly makes you a different person ! My next move maybe Dubai in a couple of years when I have got bored of English Trees and windy days !

  3. Hi!
    I really enjoy your blog. How can I contact you privately?
    Thank you very much for your collaboration!


  4. Very nice read! My wife and I have just arrived in Qatar, so it’s nice to have this diary of experiences to help guide us.

    Good luck,

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